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Sorry guys, it's been a while. There seems not to be a huge market for bringing WiFi to the Kazache desert. So I owe you an update on the Unknown Fields mission. After some inspiring presentations from Nelly Ben Hayoun and Regina Peldszus Clive presented a few Probes projects. The presentations were given at 'Hotel Chernobyl' which looks the way it sounds, but was actually quite an extroardinary (hot) place for a presentation.

The morning after the presentations we went back to Pripyat where we roamed the abandoned streets until lunchtime 'Ukranian Style'.

After lunch we visited Reactor no. 4 (see previous post) saw some monuments and got the chance to meet some 'resettlers', mainly older people who moved back in to live on their motherland inside the exclusion zone.

After our visit we rushed back into the bus in order to be out of the exclusion zone before 17.00. There is a very strict curfew for leaving the zone, luckily we still had the chance to take a quick picture from the 'Russian Woodpecker', a gigantic Sovjet Radar installation located inside the exclusion zone.

One final disturbing picture to end the Chernobyl tour, in order to embark on our mission into Kazachstan

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