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Far-future research dialogue by Philips Design

I am very glad to see an electronics multinational conglomerate participating in dealing with a future which includes the organisms we have disregarded and denigrated in the past.

We have more bacteria inside our bodies than we have human cells. We have spent the past two centuries trying to kill off virtually all these organisms in order to be clean, disease free and closer to some or other God of all things.

It did not work, does not work and will not work. We need to co-operate with the organisms which surround us or we will be eliminated by our own arrogance and stupidity.

The marvels of the 20th Century have provided us with global warming, forest destruction, wildlife decimation, over-population, toxic waste, endemic obesity, water contamination, endless wars over oil, fisheries collapse, soil salinity, traffic gridlock, do I need to go on?

Organisms give us a way to correct the destructive past and ugly present by providing a future in simplicity and productivity, as long as you can get past the need to get filthy rich at the expense of this planet and all its other organisms.


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