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Love the project concept and want to add what I can to the solutions.

One of the most important times there. was learning to deconstruct my life and live off of the land for about five years. Learning how to grow food and make fire for cooking, recycling and cycling. It was amazing to learn how things grew. We take for granted that we know what we eat, but I learned so much out what I ate and where it came from.

It was I time in my life for grow and I, as with all things in my life, tried to put all that I had into it. I wanted to be the kind of man that you could drop in the forest and he would and could make a home there.

   I gave up all that I knew as an urban reared man, television, radio, car, electricity to see if I could exist and exist I did. It remains for me the most miraculous time of my life. I had to give that life up for a moment because of Katrina but am trying to rebuilt in the most efficient and elegant way possible. If I had access to a system as you are proposing I would have used it with joy.

Creating a more sensible and sustainable  living environment is of the up-most importance and we face the challenges of the coming age.

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