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Climate skepticism remains an area of ongoing interest, not so much because of truth finding more because it is interesting to see how people deal with problems and the complexity of an interwoven problem as climate change. While watching a short video with Stephen Schneider it occured to me that the biggest difference between the Skeptics and the Realists is not so much about the absolute denial of problems but it is more about the difference between 'it is not really a big problem' vs 'we need to find an overall solution'. Basically it is about mentality and convenience, but it seems there is more to it. For most people the whole issue is unclear which is also being spiced by differences in interpretation, contradicting media coverage and specific political/economical interests. The image and text below, made me realise that the visualisation and scale from which you encounter problems such as climate change could be key for interpretation and mentality change. This could for instance lead to designing extreme experiences or simulations... well, anyway, watch the video on the left with Stephen Schneider and see how he takes on a room of skeptics and misinformed people. It is all about visualisation... 

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