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The larder concept is a system designed to keep ‘living food’ fresh, by using natural processes (as opposed to dead food in the refrigerator). The larder consists of an evaporative cooler and vegetable storage system built into a dining table.

The larder revives the ritual of preparing food together around the dining table. With a twin-walled terra cotta evaporative cooler at its center, the compartments and chambers vary in wall thicknesses and volumes, and are designed to keep different types of food at different temperatures.
The outer surface of the cooler is warmed by hot water pipes, which have been pre-heated by the methane digester in the Microbial Home system. Above the table is a ceramic garden and larder where vegetable groups are grown and stored on the basis of their symbiotic chemistry. The table is made from reclaimed wood, supported by a cast iron structure that consists of water and gas pipes.

This concept shows how, without any recourse to energy-intensive or synthetic chemical technology, we can extend the shelf-life of our food. It has an educational effect as it revives forgotten knowledge and techniques of storing and preparing food.

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Comment by Mehernosh Sarosh Dhanda on November 9, 2011 at 7:03am

This is brilliant!! I wish to see such inventions actually take tangibility in my lifetime.

Comment by Arno Vlooswijk on November 29, 2011 at 4:11pm

Is the ceramic garden piece of the kitchen for sale seperately? Would fit great in the Thermolab ship.


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