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At 1:39pm on May 25, 2011, Fons Sweegers said…

Hi Eric,

Het heeft ff geduurd om te reageren omdat ik sinds dit weekend in de US zit voor een klus.

Ik ben sinds maart in dienst bij Philips als consultant innovation & creativity bij Innovation Services, het vroegere AppTech.

En jij? Wat doe jij voor leuke dingen? Ik dacht dat jij bij een grafisch ontwerpbureau werkte.


Grtz Fons

At 6:01pm on November 8, 2011, Maurizio Montalti said…

Dear DesignProbes Team,

I must say that the complete project, Microbial Home, is really aesthetically well-executed and also it is really interesting as a tool of communication to the wider public, showing a systemic vision and connecting concepts;

if not that i felt absolutely upset and somehow annoyed, about finding in your concepts, the ideas already explored by other researchers and designers. Particularly I refer to my case, by looking at the design which you named "the Paternoster"...i was quite shocked about finding such idea in your project/proposal, as it is very very very similiar (the idea, the components, the organisms, the process...) to a project I previously realized and that is still exhibited, since last June, in Naturalis, Leiden (see and also

And the funny thing is that I even got in touch with you earlier, because I would have loved to collaborate with you, being part, as a freelancer, of your design-probes team; and I sent you information about my projects and my reserach. Not only I never got a direct reply from you (if not just a general one from Philips), but I see afterwards, that you're exploiting somebody's else (mine) reserach, without even giving any credit to it, and without even trying to get in touch with me. That's why here I write you to express all my disappointment about such behaviour, and , confident that you will get in touch with me at some point (hopefully soon), I hope it was maybe just a very unlucky "coincidence".... looking forward to your response!

All the best,


At 5:55pm on May 31, 2012, nancy22 said…

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At 4:51am on May 15, 2015, A said…

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