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Far-future research dialogue by Philips Design

Code Live 2, Electromode: Curated by Valérie Lamontagne

From research in science and art, wearable microcomputers and smart fabrics transform the body through dynamic, kinetic and shape-shifting garments that expand the body’s possibilities.

- Blue Code, Jacket Antics and Tornado Dress: Barbara Layne, Studio subTela (Canada)
- Company Keeper and Emotional Ties: Sara Diamond (Canada)
- Electric Skin and Barking Mad: Suzi Webster with Jordan Benwick (Canada)
- Peau d'Âne: Valerie Lamontagne (Canada)
- Skorpions and Captain Electric : Joanna Berzowska, XS Labs (Canada)
- Tendrils: Thecla Schiphorst (Canada)
- Walking City and Living Pod: Ying Gao (Canada)

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